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Catalyst: Repensando las Américas builds cross-border communities of exchange, learning and action to amplify citizen participation in confronting the Americas’ most pressing problems. Since 2017, our year-long fellowship programs bring together adolescents and educators living on the frontlines of complex, cross-border War on Drugs conflict. The program articulates a new paradigm for drug education that recognize the multiple ways the War on Drugs is experience across the Americas and is accessible to youth who live on the affected communities of this transnational conflict. We create novel spaces of transnational, transdisciplinary and transgenerational exchange both online and in person, with the goal of catalyzing youth-driven, grass-roots social change. 

Email: equipo@catalyst-catalizador.org

Webisite: https://www.catalyst-catalizador.org/catalyst-replanteando-las-americas

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