Centering Youth Voices in Global Drug Policy

#SupportDontPunish Decentralized e-Conference, 26 June 2020

On a community effort to create a virtual meet up space, we are convening young people from different regions, to gather into our 24/7 virtual room free of stigma and discrimination, where anyone can hop-on and hear from speakers across the world. Participations will be moderated in order to create an ambience of respect, where everyone can share testimonies or activism experiences around repressive policies, and about support don’t punish actions.

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Our mission is to develop the capacity of young people from all over the world to be agents of change, transforming drug policy with a gender, racial and social justice perspective, respecting multiculturalism, and benefiting communities that have been most affected by the War on Drugs.

About us

The Paradigma Coalition was formed following the 2016 United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS). It was here that a systemic lack of youth advocacy at the United Nations level was noticed. A group of connected youth-led drug policy reform and harm reduction organizations decided that things must change. Following on from this, funding was allocated by the Open Society Foundations for a Youth Convening in 2017. Here, our organizations proclaimed the Paradigma Coalition — a global youth coalition for a new paradigm in drug policy.